Unigrid Ambassador Program

We firmly believe that a robust community forms the backbone of any successful project. When it comes to achieving true decentralization, the importance of a vibrant community becomes even more pronounced.

Unigrid Ambassador Program

Hello Unigrid Community!

We’ve received multiple messages from community members who want to be actively involved in developing and building the Unigrid community. We firmly believe that a robust community forms the backbone of any successful project. When it comes to achieving true decentralization, the importance of a vibrant community becomes even more pronounced. As a community-centric project, we would love to have our community members help us in our journey of becoming a successful decentralized cloud services project.

Keeping this in mind, We are very excited to announce “Unigrid Ambassador Program”

Application Process:

The application to become a Unigrid Ambassador will be released on July 27th. The application process will remain open until August 21st , and ambassadors will be accepted and announced on August 29th. Only 5 applicants will be selected. Please submit the Ambassador application form only once. Multiple submissions will result in both applications being disqualified.

  • July 27th — Application release: Application Link
  • August 21st — Application closes
  • August 29th — Ambassadors selected and program start

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must have extensive understanding and knowledge of Unigrid Ecosystem and Unigrid, Show initiatives, educate and help other members of the community, Be actively involved in the project’s efforts across social channels including discord, twitter.
  • You must have at-least 100 twitter followers, the account must be more than 6 months old and must follow Unigrid official twitter handle.
  • In order to qualify as an official ambassador, you have to apply here.
  • Team will pick individual ambassadors based on the above mentioned rules.

Unigrid Ambassador Benefits and Rewards:

  • Each selected applicant will earn the title of “Unigrid Ambassador”
  • Unigrid tokens will be awarded based on the difficulty and quality of task completion.
  • Working closely with the core team and access to wider crypto communities and different projects
  • Personal growth via learning skills, networking, organizing events, leading initiatives and more

Future Plans:

As the ambassador program grows, we plan on bringing a selection of ambassadors to Unigrid sponsored conferences/events, conducting future rounds of applications to expand the program, and specification of additional tasks.

The Unigrid ambassador program will evolve with the needs of the network. We are excited to onboard the inaugural ambassadors that will act as an extension of our team, and look forward to working side-by-side with those ambassadors in achieving our goals of transforming the global standard of culture and finance. This is only the beginning.

Ambassador Opportunities:

The opportunities for Unigrid ambassadors will be plentiful. Tasks can range from simple article translation to full-fledged content creation.. Details on reward amounts and specific tasks will be communicated to ambassadors after the initial round ambassadors have been selected and onboarded.

Some example tasks are included below:

  • Creating long-form content
  • Translating articles to native languages
  • Creating developer resources
  • Onboarding developers
  • Expanding Unigrid’s geographic reach
  • Leading social media initiatives across various platforms
  • Hosting in-person meetups
  • Community management

Unigrid ambassadors will also be encouraged to go above-and-beyond the baseline requirements, creating their own tasks and identifying unique opportunities as they arise.

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UNIGRID is creating a decentralized and anonymous cloud service, free from centralized control and resistant to attacks. Unigrid is committed to delivering a network that changes everything, forever.

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