Celebrating the Unanimous Passage of the Unigrid DAO Constitution

The community has greenlit the DAO Constitution. Next, we're proposing a token sale on NFPAD. Gridnode operators, your vote in the Janus wallet is crucial for Unigrid's future!

Celebrating the Unanimous Passage of the Unigrid DAO Constitution

Dear Unigrid Community,

It's a monumental day for all of us! The Unigrid DAO Constitution has officially been ratified with an overwhelming majority. The voting results from September 23rd, 2023, 12:00 GMT, showcased the unity and vision of our community with 90 gridnode votes in favour and none against. Dive into the intricate details of the constitution and its transformative implications here.

But our journey doesn't stop here! We're harnessing this positive momentum to propose a token sale on the NFPAD launchpad. This initiative is designed to bolster our software development endeavours, ensuring the timely realization of the project's milestones and objectives. A designated portion of the tokens from this sale will cater to community needs, encompassing listing fees and other community-centric initiatives. Get acquainted with the nuances of this proposal here.

Your Participation is Key!
The upcoming proposal will soon be open for voting within the Janus wallet. We cannot stress enough the significance of each vote, particularly from our esteemed gridnode operators. As outlined by the DAO, achieving a 50% quorum (half the running nodes) is pivotal for ratifying this proposal. If you're a gridnode operator, your active participation is paramount! Your voice and vote will sculpt the trajectory of the Unigrid network.

As we embark on this new chapter, your unwavering support has been our guiding light. Let's collaboratively shape the future of the Unigrid network, fortifying its position in the decentralized realm.

Warm regards,
The Unigrid Team