Dismantle the Power Structures that Enable It: Interviewing NFT Musician, Low Sleazy

Some time ago, Low Sleazy featured Unigrid in his Clubhouse room. Craig Wilson interviews this self-described blockchain evangelist to discover what makes him tick.

Dismantle the Power Structures that Enable It: Interviewing NFT Musician, Low Sleazy

Low Sleazy, or Low, as he will be referred to in this profile, is a self-described blockchain evangelist, if not a full-blown zealot. He is a loud voice you cannot escape who is proud of his decentralized stance on the world and wants to educate you, enabling you to educate others. Below we explore what makes him tick, who he is, and most importantly, what he stands for.

Since Low's first communion, he had always been a businessman. He was one of those kids in your elementary school that sold you candy and collectibles. As he grew, he got more and more into music. In the 1990's, he did the street team promo thing and turned down plenty of music deals. Low is not one to take any amount of BS from anyone. Instead of signing on the dotted line with wide, starry eyes, he read the contract and realized he'd rather keep his rights than sell them. He made this choice, knowing he was also kicking himself out of a life of luxury. Annoyed, he left the music business in 2010. He then began his first acrylic paintings before he found a home in oils. During the lockdown of 2020, Low ran a delivery food business out of a strip club - a business he now runs out of his art studio. Lately, he has taken on the role as a consultant on all things Web3 and cryptocurrency. Like many, the 2020 pandemic indirectly influenced his interest in Web3. Right before COVID-19, he suffered a near-death experience that lit a fire under him.

He began to really see the possibilities of Web3 and cryptocurrencies when a good friend of his had someone close to him make 3 million off Dogecoin in early 2021.

This is enough to get anyone to at least begin to explore how and why. Low though, as an intelligent, self-aware, and focused human being, dove straight in. The more he learned, the more he understood what it could do for him.

He became obsessed with what he calls free-range slavery. Low describes it like this;
"Free-range slavery supposes that the slave masters figured out decentralization a long time ago. None of the masters own any slaves, yet they collectively own all the slaves. They don’t have to do any maintenance repairs or upkeep with their slaves. They take care of themselves for the most part. The money is the cage, the chain, and the whip."
Now he is part of the movement within Web3 that wants to dismantle the power structures that enable it.

Perhaps it was an accident, perhaps destiny, but his first job in the space came unintentionally. He fell asleep on his phone which opened up a clubhouse room. In the room was a DAO recruiting writers for a new online publication - NFTs.WTF. The rest became history.

As his future unfolded he became the head evangelical and founding member of the Blockchain Gospel. The Blockchain Gospel is a daily clubhouse blockchain fellowship held in a decentralized manner. It started as a joke in a group chat, "I should open a room called Blockchain Gospel and just read white papers." One day he did, it grew over time and became a way for many to pass time. Fast forward one year and he's being interviewed about it on a Decentralized Internet blog.

Back in May, Low featured Unigrid in his clubhouse room, reading the Unigrid white paper - something that was previously covered on the Unigrid twitter profile;

Low Sleazy is a growing, important voice that will inspire how all blockchain abilities will be adopted and utilized. Web3 is here, it is growing, where are you getting your information?

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/LowSleazy

The #decentralized #web 🌐 is growing, as it grows important voices πŸ—£οΈ begin to educate and inspire. LowSleazy is out to dismantle the power structures that enable it. #Blockchain #BlockchainEvangelist #Web3 #Metaverse #NFTs #Crypto