The Future of Unigrid

In the summer of 2019 Unigrid was born out of a solution to a problem. A lot has happened since then in our community as well as in the cryptocurrency space as a whole.

The Future of Unigrid

In the summer of 2019 Unigrid was born out of a solution to a problem. A lot has happened since then in our community as well as the crypto community as a whole. During this time we've had our ups and downs along with months of analyzing our solution. Our proposal and solution in itself are a unique approach to handling the problem.

Being that our solutions are unique and never been done before, we had to protect this with secrecy. We are now getting closer to finally making all of this public and sharing with the world exactly how we will accomplish this with the release of our white paper.

Photo by Scott Blake / Unsplash

To protect everything and the future of the network we decided to form a Foundation in Sweden. The effects of this are two fold. For one this will establish an organization that works to protect and nurture future development of The Unigrid Network. Secondly this will give a transparency layer to all operations of The Foundation. As required by Swedish law annual reports will be public and viewable by anyone.

In order for us to see through the development of The Unigrid Network we decided the best solution for this was to approach investors in raising funds. We're in a unique situation compared to others who approach fundraising as we already have a working chain. There will be ongoing research into the legal challenges we may face in accepting anyone from anywhere in the world to participate.

Being that we are now a Foundation all contributions will go towards this organization which is overseen by the Swedish government. We are currently investigating the possibility of registering with The Financial Supervisory Authority in Sweden - Finansinspektionen.

The Unigrid Foundation has been formed in Sweden. The foundation is currently looking for offices in Gårda, Gothenburg, which is the financial center of the city as well as a thriving tech hub. Setting up here also puts The Unigrid Foundation in close proximity to Chalmers University, one of the leading tech incubator hubs in the world. The University will give The Foundation access to world class developers and research centers.

In order to accomplish our goals of raising capital and securing The Unigrid Foundation for generations to come, there will be an increase in the supply of Unigrid. This will also be accompanied by an increase in the base valuation of the token. More details on these exact numbers will be released shortly.

The sale itself will be handled in rounds with the first having the lowest valuation and also the highest minimum to participate. Our first sale will be handled internally as we build a sale platform to handle KYC and transactions. If all tokens are sold out in a sale round we will look into the possibility of allowing current holders to place tokens into a bonus round. This would allow others who missed an opportunity to participate, while also giving current holders the option to exchange some of their Unigrid.

Photo by Etienne Boulanger / Unsplash

With the direction being as stated above we decided it was in the best interest of The Unigrid Foundation and The Unigrid Network that trading was paused. This allows for The Unigrid Foundation to set the valuation per token in the new allocation. The valuation will also increase the base market cap of Unigrid.

For each section in the coming white paper we plan to write articles explaining how each implementation will work. There will also be videos to accompany these to reach a wider audience.

We are open to participation from venture firms and aggressively pursuing their participation. The maximum contributions in each sale round will be capped to assure that the network stays decentralized.

Now more than ever we will need the support and backing of our community. We plan to ramp up on marketing to bring in new members and grow the telegram server in the near future. The more help and support we get from the community the more successful The Unigrid Foundation will be. Now is the time to grow an active presence online and share as much as you can on social media.