For the release of Decentralize Comic NFTs we chose to use the Polygon network. This allows us to keep the cost of tx fees down to a small fraction of ETH fees. As these NFTs will be minted at a very low price (starting at $5) we didn't want people to be paying $50-$100 just in gas fees to mint one.

Now that OpenSea has implemented the Polygon chain it was a no brainer to go this route. In order to mint directly from our minting dapp you will first need to aquire MATIC on the Polygon chain. There are two versions of MATIC. One being a token on the Ethereum chain and the other being on the Polygon chain.

Set Metamask

The first step will be in connecting your metamask wallet with the Polygon chain itself. The simplest and easiest method is just to use our CONNECT METAMASK button on the minting dapp This will automatically connect your wallet to our dapp and sync it with the correct Polygon chain.


The other route is to add the Polygon network manually. You can do this in metamask by click the network in the top right and selecting Cutom RPC

Alt Alt

Here you will need to enter the RPC details for the Polygon mainnet. Once entered press save and your metamask is now configured to work with the Polygon chain!

network name: Polygon Mainnet
Chain ID: 137
Currency Symbol: MATIC
Blockchain Explorer:```

Obtaining MATIC

The simplest and quickest way to obtain MATIC on the Polygon chain is by purchasing it directly from an exchange that supports the Polygon network. For example binance, huobi, and all support withdrawals of MATIC on the Polygon chain.

Once you have purchased MATIC there copy your address from metamask (note the address will be the same as your ETH address). In binance select withdraw MATIC Polygon and click on Network then select MATIC Polygon.


The other exchanges are the same where you just select the Polygon chain on withdrawal. That's all there is to it! You should now have MATIC in your metamask on the Polygon chain!



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