There has been a lot going on behind the scenes and we thought that it was time to give everybody a quick update about recent events.

With the launch of the sale portal coming up, the window for seed investments is closing. On December 1st, The Unigrid Foundation is launching the sale portal and conducting an open sale that you can take part in via our website.

On top of launching the sales portal, the foundation is sponsoring the Blockchain Fest 2021 event in Limassol, Cyprus. We will have a booth where you can meet part of our team, with our co-founders and a few selected developers attending the event. On the first day, December 2nd, our co-founder and lead software developer, Adam Waldenberg, will speak on stage in the conference hall. The topic will be Blockchain scaling & The Next Generation Internet and Cloud.

The speech will be fired off with an animation that is currently being created for us. The length, setting and topic of the animation will be a surprise! We are currently in the process of hiring voice actors and a composer to do the audio work for the animation.

At the event, we will promote the upcoming sale and look for potential investors, research collaborators, partners and projects that might benefit from Unigrid as a solution and the resilience of the network. If you are coming to Blockchain Fest and want to meet us, just find our booth in the conference hall or send us an email at and we will gladly meet up. If you are not coming to Blockchain Fest but want to meet up in Limassol, send us an email!

What else is going on ?

On Tuesday, November 9th, 9.30 AM PST, The Derbied One and Unigrid will host an NFT drop party on Twitter Spaces! Do not miss out on listening to the discussion about how the idea first came up, what the plans are and how you can get your very own Unigrid NFT. A sneak peak can be found on Twitter!

The NFT comic strip will document the teams work when building a decentralized Internet. You will be able to follow how it all began, some unexpected incidents on the way and get a look into the teams every day adventures! Dropping only 100 issues at a time, make sure to check out how you can get your very own!

On the development front, the NFT portal is nearly ready and work is proceeding on the sales portal as well. We have a few very hectic weeks ahead of us!

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