With the coming release of the Unigrid White Paper, we have also completed a toned down and less technical "orange paper" - yes we like our orange! This updated paper covers more areas like "networking" and "market adoption", while also snazzing up the visuals.


The orange paper is a way for us to, in laymans terms, explain how the network will function. We've covered similar topics to the white paper while also focusing more on the economics and structure of the actual foundation. Sections have been added that cover the coming sale and how the tokenomics will work.


The orange paper paper also covers some milestones we have set down for the foundation. This will give you a rough idea of what direction the project is taking and which key areas we plan to focus on, including their order.


We hope you enjoy all the work being done at The Unigrid Foundation and we look forward to sharing more! #soon

The Orange Paper can be downloaded from here.

The Unigrid Orange Paper

Additional documentation related to The Unigrid Foundation and the Unigrid network can be found on the about page of the website.

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