Everyone Can Earn Rewards with UNIGRID!

2,000 UGD tokens are up for grabs, and you could be one of the lucky winners in the ongoing UNIGRID Campaign on Zealy. The reward will be distributed among the top 10 participants who engage in a series of UNIGRID-related tasks.

In addition to the token rewards, unique NFT rewards await participants upon the completion of specific quests on Zealy.

Even if you don't make it to the top 10, you can still participate in our monthly UGD raffles and have a chance to win in our monthly $50 raffles.

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This campaign welcomes both new and existing community members and runs from 8th August to 28th August 2023. Winners will be announced shortly after the campaign concludes.

What Kind of Tasks Can You Expect?

Here's a glimpse of the tasks you can engage in to climb the leaderboard:

  • Join the UNIGRID Discord channel.
  • Follow UNIGRID on Twitter.
  • Become a part of the UNIGRID community on Telegram.
  • Like, retweet, and respond positively to specific UNIGRID tweets.
  • Craft original and informative tweets about UNIGRID.
  • Engage creatively with UNIGRID's social media posts (on Twitter and/or other platforms).
  • Design a meme centered around UNIGRID.
  • Quote-tweet a UNIGRID tweet.
  • Follow UNIGRID on various other social media platforms.

Please note: More tasks may be added, and some quests might be removed as the campaign progresses.

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UNIGRID is at the forefront of developing a decentralized and anonymous cloud service, devoid of centralized control and fortified against attacks. We are steadfast in our mission to launch a network that revolutionizes the digital landscape.

For more details, visit our website.

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