The silence of The Hunt

We have finally signed the contract for our new office. We are officially setting up base in the financial district of Gårda, in Gothenburg. Shortly after moving in, there will be a housewarming party for the community.

The silence of The Hunt

Two weeks ago, me and Evan checked out yet another property for our new offices. This time we took a look at a slightly smaller office that is a lot more move-in ready than the two-floor property we previously looked at in Gårda (the area we are looking in). While we really liked the other property, we have decided that committing to an office that is 440 m² in size at this stage might be a mistake. Instead, if we need more space, we can easily get an additional property in the same area later. This allows us to keep expenditures down and scale as we grow.

The Hunt for Offices
Come with us when we go office hunting in Gothenburg. We show you some pictures and discuss one of the potential properties for the foundation.

Not only are these offices more move-in ready, they are also slightly closer to our data center at Fabriksgatan 13 and are, in fact, located on the same street. As we intend to install a fibre cable directly between the data center and this property, the closer location decreases the risk of any problems occuring when installing this link and should keep costs down.

The office have an open floor plan with plenty of room. Perfect for those collaborative and sweaty coding sessions.

The property in question has exactly the open floor plan we have been looking for and we have just recently agreed with the landlord on the contract terms and the final details. So it's officially decided - the future offices of Unigrid will be located at Fabriksgatan 7 in Gårda.

The 203 m² floor plan of our new offices.

An exciting location

Gårda, the location of the property and our data center is a very interesting area. Slated to become the official financial district of Gothenburg, it now hosts Citygate. With its 36 floors and 144 meters in height it is now the tallest building in Scandinavia. At the same time, the Kineum skyscraper is also being built in the same area. This building features 27 floors and is 110 meters in height.

Together, these two buildings, on their own, add an additional 72 000 m² of property space to Gårda in 2022 alone - making it one of the most expansive office districts in Europe.

We believe having our offices here will be extremely beneficial and will allow us to find local partners and support for the Unigrid network while also offering new employees a desk in an exciting location.

Housewarming party

After our trip to Dubai (more information about that to come here on the blog), we plan on having a housewarming party at this new office space. This is a great opportunity for the community to network and a way for us to show our backers (future and present) how their contributions are being spent.

Everybody in the community, including our backers, are invited to attend the housewarming party. Obviously, there is not enough space for everybody, but we will have a signup form where you can apply to attend. At the party you will have an opportunity to;

  • meet part of the team and community
  • talk to our developers
  • play some retro games and pinball (beware: there might be a tournament involved)
  • eat some good food together

We will set a date and make a signup form. This will be announced here on our blog and on Twitter.

We finally decided on the location of our new office space! 🏢🏤🏣 Housewarming party is planned - see the blog post for further 📰 details! #office 🏢 #gothenburg #sweden 🇸🇪 #unigrid