Unigrid Testnet and Development Progress Update

Unigrid announces major updates: Unigrid-Testnet-4 launch enhances network stability and performance. Excitingly, we're integrating CosmWasm Smart Contracts to elevate data authenticity. Join us in this pivotal phase of Unigrid's evolution towards a decentralized internet.

Unigrid Testnet and Development Progress Update

Dear Unigrid Community,

We are thrilled to bring you the latest advancements and milestones achieved in the ongoing development of the Unigrid blockchain. Our commitment to enhancing the networks capabilities has led to significant progress, which we are eager to share with you.

1. Unigrid-Testnet-4 Upgrade:

The Unigrid testnet has been upgraded to Unigrid-testnet-4, bringing improvements in network performance and stability.

Key Improvements:

  • Chain Syncing Issue Resolved: We have addressed the syncing issue, ensuring a more stable and efficient blockchain operation.
  • Cosmos SDK Update to v0.50.3: This upgrade has brought several enhancements to the network:
  • Integration of ABCI 2.0 and CometBFT v0.38 for improved transaction processing.
  • Introduction of Optimistic Execution to enhance chain performance.
  • Modularization of SDK modules for independent versioning and release management.
  • Upgrades to IAVL v1, boosting performance and security.
  • Simplified creation of CLI commands via AutoCLI.
  • Reduction in boilerplate for module code and applications.
  • For more details, visit the Cosmos SDK Release Notes.

2. New Integration: CosmWasm Smart Contracts:

We are excited to announce a significant new development in the Unigrid blockchain - the incorporation of CosmWasm smart contracts. This integration marks a strategic move to enhance the robustness and capabilities of our chain. It stems from our need to solve a critical challenge related to data authenticity for oracles in the Hedgehog Network. After careful consideration, we concluded that implementing smart contracts is the most secure and effective solution for this purpose.

What This Means for Developers and the Unigrid Chain:

  • Smart Contracts in Rust: Soon, developers will be able to write and deploy smart contracts in Rust on the Unigrid chain, leveraging the security and efficiency of CosmWasm's framework.
  • Enhanced Data Authenticity: This integration significantly bolsters our chain’s ability to verify oracle data, ensuring higher levels of authenticity and reliability.
  • A Commitment to Innovation: The introduction of CosmWasm smart contracts underscores our commitment to continuous innovation and providing a dynamic, developer-friendly blockchain ecosystem.
  • To learn more about CosmWasm, explore the CosmWasm Book and the CosmWasm Documentation.

Further Learning:

Become a Validator on the Unigrid Network:

We're inviting our community members to take an active role in securing and troubleshooting the Unigrid network by becoming validators. As a validator, you'll play a crucial part in maintaining the network's integrity and performance. This is a unique opportunity to contribute directly to the Unigrid ecosystem and be at the forefront of our blockchain innovation.

To learn more about becoming a validator and the requirements, please visit our detailed guide on the Unigrid GitHub repository. This guide will provide you with all the necessary steps and information to get started as a validator on the Unigrid network.

Joining the Unigrid Testnet:

To become a part of this exciting journey and join the Unigrid testnet, you can find detailed instructions and resources on our GitHub repository. Here, you'll find all the necessary information to get started and actively participate in our testnet. GitHub Link.

Using the Unigrid Network with the Keplr Wallet:

For those looking to access the Unigrid network using the Keplr wallet, we have a straightforward guide available. This guide walks you through the process of setting up Keplr wallet and connecting it to the Unigrid network, ensuring a seamless experience. You can find the guide and detailed instructions on our Unigrid Documentation page. Guide Link.

Looking Ahead:

We are excited about these developments and are dedicated to keeping you updated as we progress in enhancing our blockchain network. Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for your continued support and participation.

Best Regards,
Unigrid Team