Unleashing the Future: Unigrid Testnet Launch!

Unigrid announces its testnet launch, a significant leap towards decentralizing cloud infrastructure with the innovative Unigrid network and Paxd consensus layer. Explore the possibilities by setting up nodes and engaging with advanced features.

Unleashing the Future: Unigrid Testnet Launch!

We are excited to announce the launch of the Unigrid testnet, a pivotal step in our journey to reshape the cloud services landscape. Unigrid is dedicated to decentralizing the cloud infrastructure, offering an innovative solution for a truly decentralized Internet. Learn More

Introducing Paxd - The Consensus Layer of Unigrid

Paxd, engineered using the state-of-the-art Cosmos SDK and enhanced by CometBFT, serves as a crucial bridge to our core network, Hedgehog. Paxd on GitHub

Custom Modules for Enhanced Functionality

Our testnet features three custom modules:

  1. Minting Module: Implements the Unigrid algorithm for staking rewards. UGDMint on GitHub
  2. Vesting Module: The vesting module for the Unigrid network. Hedgehog Vesting on GitHub
  3. Gridnode Module: Allows the delegation of UGD tokens to run gridnodes. Gridnode Module on GitHub

Unigrid Testnet-1: A Glimpse into the Future

Our current focus is on unigrid-testnet-1, the initial iteration of our testnet.

Join the Revolution

How to Join the Unigrid Testnet

Joining the Unigrid network is straightforward. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Setting Up a Node: To install and connect a node to the Unigrid testnet, follow the detailed instructions provided here.

  2. Running a Validator: If you're interested in running a validator on the Unigrid network, check out our comprehensive guide here. This guide will walk you through the setup process and how to maintain a validator node.

  3. Understanding Network Details: For more information about the different networks, visit our Unigrid Cosmos Networks repository. This repository contains all the necessary details about our public networks, including unigrid-testnet-1.

We look forward to your active participation in the Unigrid network!

Getting Started with CLI Commands

For interacting with the Unigrid daemon locally, command-line interface (CLI) tools are essential. We've prepared comprehensive documentation that covers all the necessary CLI commands for engaging with the Unigrid network.

🔗 CLI Commands Documentation

Important Note for Testnet Users:
When working with the testnet, it's important to specify the network name and use the --home flag with the appropriate location. The home location should be set to --home=/home/$USER/.unigrid-testnet-1, ensuring your CLI commands are accurately targeted at the Unigrid testnet environment.

Upcoming CLI Commands:
We're continuously adding more commands, such as how to delegate and undelegate for a gridnode. Stay updated with our documentation for these new features!

Become a Validator

Interested in becoming a validator? Please fill out our Validator Interest Form.

Join Our Discord for Support and Updates

Stay connected and up-to-date with the latest news and support by joining our Unigrid Discord community. Whether you need assistance, want to share feedback, or are looking for updates about the network, our Discord is the place to be.

🔗 Join Unigrid Discord

Our Discord community is an excellent resource for real-time support and to engage with other members of the Unigrid network. We encourage you to join and become an active participant in our growing community!

In Conclusion

Unigrid is a movement towards a decentralized future. We thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you on the Unigrid testnet.

Best Regards,
The Unigrid Team